The New Mexico State University
Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP)

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The NMSU Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program fosters collaborations between NMSU students and faculty on actual research projects.

The program exists to provide students with opportunities to:
– form a close relationship with a faculty member
– discover what it is like to conduct research in a field you are interested in
– get a letter of recommendation
– receive valuable guidance and advice from the faculty member

These benefits are important to advancing a student’s career beyond college. Most students realize that when seeking a career position after college, employers prefer to see experience and involvement beyond taking courses. URAP provides this kind of experience. For those planning on post-graduate work (grad school), the research experience you receive in the URAP program is an important thing graduate schools are looking for in a successful applicant.

While a research collaboration will normally be a two-semester commitment, during the 2017-2018 year successful collaborations must 1) last at least 10 weeks and 2) the faculty member must indicate they feel the student has contributed successfully under the collaboration agreement’s expectations. The requirement is shorter during this first year of the program because we might be recruiting students for a longer period, even into the Spring semester. We still want them to be listed as having completed the program by summer 2018. When the program becomes more widely known, there will be a limited sign-up period at the beginning of each semester.

Using the menu on the right, students can peruse research projects that have been posted by faculty, faculty can post research projects, and a collaborative agreement can be established between a faculty member and each student collaborating on a project.

The URAP program is under development, and we are eager to receive comments and feedback, as well as provide support. Click here to get help or send an email to Jim Kroger.