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 Project Name Keywords Department
Aircraft simulation environmentsimulation, aircraft, modeling, programmingMechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Angle sensing system for a tethered UAVArduino, 3D printing, NX, programmingMechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Bio-inspired Thermal Ground ImprovementBio-inspired, geothermal energy, ground improvementCivil Engineering
Biochemical screening of Fusarium basal rot resistant onion bulbs based on secondary metabolitesbiochemistry, plant compounds, tissue analysisPlant & Environmental Science
Combating illegal timber trade: mapping species distributionsbiogeography, species range, mapping, illegal timber trade, genetic variationBiology
Conceptual design and sizing process of fixed wing space dronesSpace drones, sizing process, performance enhancement, aerodynamic analysisMechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Cooling Technology Research for Laser WeaponsLaser Weapons, Air Force, Cooling, Heat, EngineeringMechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Design and performance improvement of bio-inspired marine dronesBio-inspiration, marine drones, optimization, actuation mechanism, engineeringMechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Developing and Advancing Algorithms for Generalized Time-Frequency AnalysisSignal Analysis, Time-Frequency Analysis, Hilbert Spectrum, Signal ModelingElectrical and Computer Engineering
Energy PolicyEnergy, Policy, oil, coal, nuclearEconomics, Applied Statistics & International Business
English-Spanish Vocabulary ProjectVocabulary, English Spanish, Literacy, Academic Vocabulary, Classrooms, Psychology, Linguistics, Education, Learning, Literacy, ReadingCurriculum & Instruction
Flow cytometry instrumentation developmentbiomedical engineering, engineering, biology, physicsChemical & Materials Engineering
GPU Performance Modeling and PredictionGPUs, Programming, performance modelling, High performance computingElectrical and Computer Engineering
Groundwater Contamination Spatial Analysis Surveygroundwater contamination hydrology chemistry spatial surveyPlant & Environmental Science
Heat transfer and self-diffusion in 3D printing of polymersPolymer Solidification, 3D Printing, Heat Transfer, Diffusion, Print FidelityChemical & Materials Engineering
Heat transfer and self-diffusion in polymer 3D printingPolymer Solidification, 3D Printing, Heat Transfer, Diffusion, Print FidelityCollege of Engineering
High-throughput disease quantification using digital image processing: Plant breeding tool to ensure food security against plant diseasesPlant disease, digital image analysis, plant breedingPlant & Environmental Science
INCA - FEA and Thermal ModelFEA, satellite, thermo, testing, CubeSatElectrical and Computer Engineering
INCA Flight Softwaresatellite , C-programmingElectrical and Computer Engineering
Interaction of polymer and lithium in polymer electrolytes for energy storagePolymer, Electrolyte, Molecular Modleing, Charge Transport, Energy Storage, LAMMPSChemical & Materials Engineering
Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress Signaling in Bacteriaprotein, oxidative stress, metalsChemistry and Biochemistry
Nanofluid droplet evaporation and burningNanofluid, droplet, evaporation, burning, combustionMechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Performance Evaluation and Application Porting to Memory-side Migratory Computing (EMU Technologies)Migratory Architecture, Programming, Performance Evaluation, High performance computingElectrical and Computer Engineering
Physical layer security in wireless communicationswireless, digital communication, antennas, security, simulationElectrical and Computer Engineering
Predicting Fluid Phase Behavior of the Aerospace Fuel Hydrazine from Molecular Simulationsaerospace molecular-level computer simulationChemical & Materials Engineering
 Project Name Keywords Department